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World Sky Academy....Why….!!


1- The Cost of Study is the lowest at Egypt and the Middle East.
2-you will have the chance to be a qualified instructor, if you get high score record.

3-you have the opportunity to be trained by qualified instructor and international airport called Lanseria, where you can study easily and can fly at any time.

4-Before you beginning your study, you will be trained on simulator to experience the real feeling of flying.

5-You get schedule to know what and when you study to organize your life and we will be there to follow you at any time.

6- School accredited by the South African Ministry of civil Aviation.

7- A permanent hangar for aircraft maintenance is available at the school.

8- Training at school on real and equipped aircraft.

9- Completion of all special procedures of the student (letter of acceptance, visa, medical test, the postponement of recruitment for the Egyptians and pilot uniform….etc.

10- We have permanent headquarters at South Africa to follow up the study.

11- you will enjoy benefit of the study at Johannesburg ( Mild climate so you can fly safely all over the year ).

12- Our school is under supervision of chief pilot (Examinerat SACAA), and international instructors 



We would be honored to have the possibility to train you.
Our team will be happy to offer you a tour of our facilities
and answer your question.