Night Rating

The night rating is a most useful fallback when you just need to get from A to B after dark , also it is a prerequisite for professional licences. This rating allows the PPL holder to fly at night under Visual Flight Rules ('night' being defined by the Civil Aviation Authority as from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise). 

Night Rating requirements


  • Student must have permit or license with valid medidcal.
  • Must have a PPL.

Night Rating study details

  • You will have to complete 10 hours of Instrument Flight time, of which 5 may be carried out in an approved simulator, and the balance in an aircraft. This is actually done during the day.
  • The law requires a minimum of 5 take offs and landings by night, as well as night cross-country flight of at least 150 NM’s with 2 full stops landing at two separate airfields away from base. A basic instrument flight test will be required, conducted by Grade 1 or 2 flight instructor. This takes around 1 hour, and may be included in the mandatory 10 hours instrument training.
  • Once the requirements have been met, an application form is completed, is taken to the SACAA, for the night rating to be include in your license.

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